Welcome to St. Gerard Church . . .

We welcome you and hope that you will find not only a parish, but also a home here. For 100 years, St. Gerard Parish has proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Catholic community of Lima and surrounding areas. We are a vibrant faith community served by the Redemptorist priests of the Baltimore Province. We look forward to your presence as we gather to pray and worship as a community.

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Welcome and congratulations to our new Pastor, Fr. Mike Sergi.  Even though you have been with us as Associate Pastor for the last four years, we are happy to welcome you as our new Pastor.  We are excited that you get to stay with us and wish you the best in your new role.

We would also like to welcome Fr. Paul Kuzhimannil as Associate Pastor.  You will not being seeing Fr. Paul around the campus until after the first of the year, but we are excited to meet him and be a part of our St. Gerard Community.

We also would like to welcome Fr. John McLoughlin to St. Gerard.  Even though Fr. John is the new Pastor at St. Mary's Church in Bluffton, you will see him around and at Masses throughout the week.  We know he will be bringing some good energy to St. Gerard and St. Mary's.  

You will also be seeing our two Novice Masters around St. Gerard.  Fr. Chuong Cao is from the Denver Province and Fr. Ed Eherer is from the Canadian Province.  Both of these men will be in charge of the men that are residing in the rectory, discerning their vocation to religious life.  Please welcome them to St. Gerard and the Lima community.

Something that we have not had in a long time at St. Gerard is having a Brother residing in the rectory.  We welcome Br. Dan Hall as well!  

Lots of exciting changes going on here at St. Gerard.  We are truly blessed to be such a vibrant parish!

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